The Four Freshmen music transcends the academic field, meeting and striving to continually push past the currently established requirements it takes to succeed as a professionally working group.  

Our strengths as educators include the following: 

    -vocal group singing (large or small ensemble) 

    -instrumental jazz ensembles 

    -rehearsal techniques 

    -big band and small ensembles playing 

    -rhythm section playing 

    -arranging, theory, and ear training 

    -private jazz voice 

    -specific instrumental specialties including: brass, guitar, drums, and piano.  

The main ideas we implement in our teaching and sharing are:  

    -basic to advanced jazz methods, both individually, and in a group setting 

    -encouraging cognitive flow, open communication, and an awareness of creating with others 

    -bridging the divide between self taught musicians, an academic upbringing, and validating life experience 

    -compassionate communication  

    -chamber music, its history, and how it affects The Four Freshmen as a jazz quartet  

    -interactive and sensitive listening 

Most important to The Four Freshmen is what it means to be an individual in a group/band, no matter the size, and what it means to have the cognitive flow of your own music in and amongst other people in order to realize and capitalize on the fact that you are creating a sound with those around you, and how much your own strength of sound can affect the larger picture.  

These are our strengths, but what matters to us most is coming to YOUR program and working with YOUR students. For our workshops and masterclasses we strive to tailor and focus our skill set to the needs of your ensemble. 

So, how can we help you?