Born in 1992, Jon Gaines was introduced to the world of music at the age of 5 when he began taking piano lessons from his grandmother in his hometown, Derry NH.  By fifth grade, young Jon was expanding his musical talents to the trumpet, but it wasn’t until Jon first heard a recording of Louis Armstrong that a passion was sparked and this new found love of jazz set him on a life long pursuit for musical excellence.  Gaines’s high school years were spent performing with a wide variety of concert and jazz bands as well as several vocal ensembles.  After high school, Jon attended the prestigious New England Conservatory where he furthered his studies in jazz improvisation with the likes of educators John McNeil, Jerry Bergonzi, and Frank Carlberg.  Jon also continued to advance his trumpet technique through lessons from venerable instructors Steve Emery and Laurie Frink.  Along with all his instrumental studies on trumpet and piano Jon also undertook several years of vocal instruction before earning his bachelors degree in 2014.  Outside of his music career Jon is an Eagle Scout and when not performing in his current home town of Boston he enjoys exploring the great outdoors, in particular the woods of Northern Maine.

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