TOMMY BOYNTON Singing 2nd tenor and playing guitar, Tommy grew up in Aurora, Colorado. His musical journey began in the 3rd grade, singing in a children’s chorus, and studying piano and drums. Tommy’s love for music lead him to Phil Mattson’s prestigious School for Music Vocations (SMV) in Creston, Iowa. He then went on to graduate in 2012 from the New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied with Dominique Eade and Ran Blake. Boynton continues to share his love and passion for music by returning to SMV where he continues to teach balancing his time in the classroom with his students and on the road touring.  Tommy is an avid soccer player and cyclist. He has toured across the Midwest and around the Pacific Northwest on his bicycle. He currently resides in Fairfield, Iowa. While on the road, he misses his kitties, Alice and Little Brother, and his dog, Yoda.